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Oakmont, Santa Rosa: Discover the Unique Retirement Community in California

Oakmont is a unique retirement community located in the heart of Santa Rosa, California. Built by a consortium of builders and developers, Oakmont was designed to emphasize the well-being of the senior citizens who would live in the development. With its spacious homes and diverse neighborhood amenities, Oakmont offers its residents a place to enjoy life and take advantage of a well-rounded lifestyle. As one of the largest retirement communities in the United States and considered a leader in the retirement market, Oakmont is well-known and respected by those looking to spend their golden years in style. Learn information about  Santa Rosa, CA.

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From its country clubs to its walking trails, Oakmont has amenities that suit all ages. For working professionals, the clubhouse provides meeting rooms, a book club, and a fitness center to stay in shape and socialize. For hobbyists, there are dozens of clubs and activities, from gardening to cooking. Oakmont is home to a variety of dining and entertainment options, including several restaurants, bars, and nightlife spots. Residents can also enjoy an 18-hole golf course. The residences of Oakmont are thoughtfully built with modern features and amenities. Each single-family home features a two or three-car garage, large kitchen, covered patio, and landscaped backyards as well as a wide range of extras. Whether buyers are looking for a hardwired home office, additional storage space, or even a heated spa, they can be sure to find exactly what they need within a small radius of the community. Discover facts about Enjoy the fresh air and peacefulness of Fulton, California.