Run Your Personal Training Business Here!

All professional trainers at Studio Fitness operate as their own bosses. 

That’s right, you operate your own business, with your own clients, completely independent of Studio Fitness.  Your relationship with Studio Fitness is that of a Licensee, which means that you, in effect, pay us only for the use of our facility and equipment.

So, if you are experienced and are tired of getting fleeced by a corporate gym, or are working as an employee of a gym that is taking a percentage of your training income, it doesn’t get any better than running your training business at Studio Fitness and earning the income you deserve. 

Trainers who operate out of Studio Fitness are at the very least NASM certified. Some are ACSM, Super Slow, ACE, and ISSA as well. If you are certified in NASM or any of the aforementioned certifications and have a clientele base, or are just interested in how to go about the certification process and possibly training your clients in our gym, please contact us to start a conversation.


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