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How Do We Help Our Clients Achieve Optimal Fitness and Wellness (regardless of their age)?

Through training tailored to your goals, through specialized personal trainers, and a supportive community that allows you to live life to the fullest outside of the gym.

Many of Our Members Have Been With Us For Over 15 Years…

What Do Our Members Love Most About Studio Fitness?

Supportive Environment

Approachable Staff & Members

Personalized Training

Simplicity in Their Workouts

Our Amazing Community

Dedicated to our Founder, Jeff Pearce  7/14/69 – 9/6/17

For 20 years, the founder of Studio Fitness, Jeff Pearce, dedicated his life to helping people with their self- evolution. He believed that “though all people are different, each and everyone needs motivation and knowledge to keep focused and directed to their higher selves.” Over the years Jeff felt “lucky to be in a position to help educate people of all ages weed through the many misconceptions and fads regarding nutrition, supplements and overall training.” He always said that: “you are all just one meal and one work out away from getting back on track with you.”

We love you Jeff. You touched countless lives through the years. Thank you for founding Studio Fitness in 1997 and creating and sustaining such a wonderful environment for our community to come, be loved up and supported with their self-care and their health, wellness and fitness goals for the past 20 years. We are taking Studio Fitness to new heights in your memory. 

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